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Making your photos look their best

To ensure your images look their best, all images individually edited, optimized, and organized.

First all your images are individually edited. Over the course of the day I may shoot up to 4000 images. I weed out the bad ones, and keep the good ones. Next the images are individually optimized. I go through each image and correct the exposure, crop, color, and a few other things. Then, through a customized 30 step process in Photoshop, I give the images a unique look which softens the skin and blooms highlights. Finally your images are organized into appropriate categories and named. This time consuming process can take me a month to complete, but it is necessary to give you the best photography possible.

Below are images before and after the optimization. Before and After HorrBefore and After Horr

Before and After Horr 2Before and After Horr 2 Before and After Horr 3Before and After Horr 3


But wait were not done. On a few select images we also do special processing.  The look we give and to how many images varies. We don't run off a formula. It is done more by feel. With in your album there will also be a very similar image without the special processing, just incase you are not happy with it.

Elia&Hugo_0060Elia&Hugo_0060 Elia&Hugo_0312Elia&Hugo_0312 Elia&Hugo_0448Elia&Hugo_0448 Jennifer&Joe_0029Jennifer&Joe_0029 Jennifer&Joe_0044Jennifer&Joe_0044 Mariana-&-Eric_009Mariana-&-Eric_009 Monica & Robert_546Monica & Robert_546 Monica & Robert_579Monica & Robert_579