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1.5 hour on location Maternity Photo Session.

The Maternity Portrait is a very intimate and personal image. This is a wondrous time in your life—you are carrying the future within you. As a photographer, I will work with you to produce images that celebrate the power of creation inherent in the female form and express the intimate bond between a mother and her yet-to-be-born baby.

We encourage you to use your home as the location for this intimate photo session, and we will bring the necessary professional studio equipment to facilitate the photography.

We will be happy to include other family members, and even your pets, within your maternity photography session.

  • 1.5 hour on location Maternity Photo Session.
  • Myself, Jesse Ramirez, as your Photographer
  • All Images Individually Edited, Optimized, and Organized
  • Online Album- For Event Viewing, Sharing, and Print Ordering
  • Digital Download of Your Hi-Res Images for your unrestricted use.
  • Free Digital Download of Hi-Res images from your online album. We want everyone to enjoy the memories of your big day. This means your family and friends will be able to pull down the high resolution print ready files of the images they like, directly onto their computer at no charge. If you would like this feature disabled, just let us know.
  • Low print prices! Some photographers hide their exorbitant print costs. We want you and your family and friends to make as many prints as you want, all from the convenience of your web gallery, so we keep costs low. For example it is just $1.99 for a 4x6” and $7.99 for an 8x10” print.

Do the packages include prints? The quick answer is no. The reason for this is people have different needs and wants. By removing them from the package it keeps prices lower and it keeps you from paying for items you don't want. We offer plenty of print products at very competitive rates that can be purchased through your online album. Also, because we include the Digital Hi-Res images in every package, you can forego ordering prints online altogether.


Maternity Photography Tips

1) We recommend that maternity portraits be taken around the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy.  Any earlier and your belly may not have that full roundness that we would like to capture in your maternity portrait. Portraits can be taken until the end of your pregnancy, but timing and scheduling can become more difficult as your due date approaches.

2) Remove any clothing and jewelry that is tight fitting several hours before the photo shoot.  Tight fitting clothing with elastic that rests against your skin – like socks, bras, pants, and underwear – leaves marks on the skin that will take a while to disappear.

3) Keep jewelry to a minimum. Jewelry can create a distraction within the image.

4) We are happy to discuss portrait attire with you.  Attire can range from nothing at all to your husband’s dress shirt –it all depends on the images you are interested in creating.  But one standard of maternity photography is a tight fitting top – a top that will cover your breasts, yet expose your belly.  Having a robe on hand to throw on in between shots is a good idea as well.

5) Need an excuse for a manicure, or possibly a pedicure?  Your hands will be featured in several shots, so make sure they look nice.

6) Face powder is helpful for keeping down shiny spots – on your face, and on your belly.

7) Eat a little bit before your shoot so that you can be comfortable and relaxed. Remember, photo shoots usually last two and a half hours.

8) Don’t make any appointments or commitments directly after the shoot.  Sometimes we run long.  Quality images take time and we need you to be relaxed.

9) We encourage your husband or partner to be present and participate in the photo session.  Don’t forget to invite him to the shoot!

10) We are also happy to include other immediate family members in the photo session – your other children and your pets!

11) Just as with weddings, there are no reshoots for maternity photography. It’s once in a lifetime event. No matter who you book with, make sure you book a quality photographer!