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I don't have wedding photography packages with names like "The Gold Package" and the "The Double Diamond Package". Those names are meant to up-sell you.  My intent is not to up sell you on a name, but to give you what you desire.

All packages come with the rights to the images, meaning you will have ownership to your images and you can produce as many prints and products as you would like. Most photographers hold you hostage with you only being able to access your images through them and charging you exorbitant print fees. I do not do business this way. I look to produce beautiful custom wedding photography for you, not for me, for you. And because of this I want you and your family and friends to have easy access to all your images and for you all to make as many prints as you all want with out financial restrictions.  It is for this reason I include free Hi-Res image downloading from your web gallery, to all your guests.

Except for the two-hour package, all packages also include a second photographer, meaning twice the coverage and we can be in two places at the same time.

Hourly Packages:

The only difference between the Hourly Packages is the hours of photographic coverage*. If you require an odd number of hours of photographic coverage, for instance 5 hours, just split the difference between the even hours. Idle Time, a break your continuous photographic coverage and is booked in 1 hour increments and can be booked in advanced at a rate of $40/hr. Don't know how many hours you may need? Click here for "How Many Hours Do I Need"

Two Hours - $900    Four Hours - $1500    Six Hours - $2200

Eight Hours - $2900    Ten Hours - $3600    Twelve Hours - $4300


    Each Hourly Package includes:

  • Myself, Jesse Ramirez, as your Photographer. You choose me based on my 24 years of professional work and my work ethic, you get me. Click here for more info.
  • Second Photographer. You get an additional photographer so we can be in two places at once. *The Second Photographer is not included in 2 Hour package because usually these celebrations are really small and having two photographers can appear intrusive.

  • All Images Individually Edited, Optimized, and Organized. Click here for more info.

  • Online Album- For Event Viewing, Sharing, and Print Ordering. Click here for more info.

  • Free Digital Download of Hi-Res images from your online album. We want everyone to enjoy the memories of your big day. This means your family and friends will be able to pull down the high resolution print ready files of the images they like, directly onto their computer at no charge. If you would like this feature disabled, just let us know.
  • Archival Download all your Hi-Res Images. You will receive all of your finished high resolution files in an organized folder is a simple download. You can then archive this folder on a computer or how every you see fit. With these files you can make as many prints as you would like from the photo processing place of your choice!
  • Low print prices! Some photographers hide their exorbitant print costs. We want you and your family and friends to make as many prints as you want, all from the convenience of your web gallery, so we keep costs low. For example it is just $1.99 for a 4x6” and $7.99 for an 8x10” print.
  • No Limitation on Locations Traveled
  • No Limitation on Number of Images Shot
  • Approximately a 31 Day turn-around, a bit longer in high season

Do the packages include prints? The quick answer is no. The reason for this is people have different needs and wants. By removing them from the package it keeps prices lower and it keeps you from paying for items you don't want. We offer plenty of print products at very competitive rates that can be purchased through your online album. Also, because we include the Digital Hi-Res images in every package, you can forego ordering prints online altogether.


Customize any package by adding these items:


Depending on your wedding venue, travel fees may apply. Please call or e-mail to discuss. Packages are payable by check, cash, PayPal or by credit card. A deposit of one third the investment is due at the singing of the agreement, with the other two thirds due the day of the event. Packages are based on time amounts. One hundred seventy fifty dollars will be added for every half hour over contracted time if further time on the day of the event is desired. Idle Time can be booked in one hour increments in advanced at a rate of $40/hr.