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Coming from the Los Angeles photography arena, I look to bring a new sense of style, vigor, innovation and creativity to the South Western wedding scene.

My documentary style of wedding photography looks to create images that are fresh, spontaneous, and inspired - images that truly capture the spirit of each wedding. And while the journalistic approach to wedding photography is new for some, it actually reaches back to the historical roots of photography. In fact, documentary photography was one of the first "styles" of photography; it enabled the early pioneers of photography to capture the reality of people, places, and events in a manner that had not been previously possible through drawing, painting, and the other media of the time. In spite of it’s ability to “capture the moment,” for decades, professional wedding photography was relegated to the studio or to creating a series of staged portraits on the wedding day; no real attention was being paid to the natural beauty and uniqueness of each couple's wedding nor the expressions of love and emotion present. Documentary photography allows me, the photographer, to capture the interaction, emotion, and spontaneous expressions of joy, friendship, drama – and even the tears – of your wedding day.

My style of wedding photography has been developed from both a need to challenge myself artistically and from a desire to change the cookie-cutter approach to "traditional" wedding photography. A wedding should not be an event that acts as a background for a photographer to steal center-stage, monopolize a couple's time and create dozens of posed images. In honoring the sanctity of each wedding, my goal is to document the day as it unfolds, capturing the laughter, tears and fleeting moments of this once-in-a-lifetime event. These are the moments that bring life to photographs and, when placed together, create your storybook wedding album – an album that will serve as a testimony to your love and be proudly displayed for all to see and admire.

But herein lies another challenge: Photojournalism – or “photographing around the moment” – will not capture all the images that the bridal couple and immediate family will desire. For example, there simply may not be any un-posed moments when you are standing next to your mother and father looking at the camera. This is where traditional wedding photography excels and serves a valuable purpose. It is my intention to seamlessly blend the natural documentary style of photojournalistic wedding photography with the posed portraits of traditional wedding photography. This ensures that we are able to photograph all the images needed to capture the day.

Further innovating the wedding photography scene, I built a photo booth to capture participants candidly. I built it to take the high quality images that an exacting photographer like myself demands, and I built it to accommodate large groups of people in the booth--just as weddings demand.

Our photo booth was such a hit, that we now have several, and with it’s innovative design it has spawned it’s own company called Party-O-Matic. To further capture the spontaneity of your wedding guests, look to add a Party-O-Matic photo booth rental to your package! (We offer it to our wedding clients at a discount!) You can view our photo booth offering from the page on wedding packages, and if you want to know more about Partyomatic, you can visit

If you desire images that are fresh, spontaneous, and creative, and truly capture the spirit and emotion of your wedding, give me a call or drop me an e-mail. And congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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Take the documentary style of photojournalism, add the fun and exuberance of pop fashion, combine it all with the refinement of traditional formal wedding photography and you have the style of photography that we offer you. Classy, Fun, and Candid.

We sell only the highest quality products, offer the most professional online system, and only use top of the line equipment. I strive to give you the results that you will cherish for life.

Your satisfaction is paramount. It is our desire to make sure your photographic needs are fully met. Our goal is to establish a relationship with you based on trust and impeccable service. Our devotion to honesty, superior quality and customer service is the cornerstone of La Foto Bella Wedding and Maternity Photography.

We  service Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas and extend our photographic services to the South West. We photograph destination weddings as well. Accommodation and travel expenses will be negotiated.

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